Timo Toivonen Sets New Record for Males with MD!

This was the record for male wheelchair users with Muscular Dystrophy. The new record is HERE.

The game was bowled on: 2/23/2014

Wheelchair User with Muscular Dystrophy Sets Record with a 227!

Timo Toivonen, a 25-year-old man with spinal muscular atrophy (a form of muscular dystrophy), has upped the mark for males with MD by bowling a very impressive 227. His game included eight strikes and four spares, and if you add that up, you can tell he had no open frames (and had three marks in the 10th frame).

Here's Timo's scoresheet:

Timo is from Finland and has become the first official dynamic wheelchair bowling record holder from outside of the United States. How he operates his wheelchair is interesting. In his own words…

"I'm operating my wheelchair with a Finger steering control RJM-VIC. The position of the user’s finger is detected, as if it were a joystick shaft. If the user’s finger is in the center of the control, the wheelchair will be stationary. The wheelchair will then drive in the direction that the finger moves. I think it's got something to do with InfraRed sensors to measure finger's position inside the control ring."

Timo bowls in a league using a "homemade" dynamic bowling ramp which is officially approved by the Finnish Bowling Association. Here's a Youtube video of him bowling:


If you're curious, the previous record for a male with MD is available HERE.

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