Steve Kettenhoven Enters 200 Club with a 205 and 211

Record achieved: 2/17/2013  Posted on website: 2/28/2013

Steve Kettenhoven enters 200 Club with a 205 and 211 -- and sets CP record!

On February 6th, I "introduced" myself (via email) to Steve Kettenhoven, a Wisconsin man who was awaiting delivery of his IKAN Bowler. I just wanted to offer tips or help to make his IKAN experience as fun and successful as possible, since I'm the co-inventor and overall world record holder (this is something I just started doing with customers; if any existing customers have any questions or want tips, please contact me here, as I should've started emailing customers from the beginning and I apologize for not doing so).

Little did I know just how eager Steve was to receive his IKAN Bowler. It turns out, Steve has bowled a 248 with a stationary ramp, but said he wanted to bowl in a more "realistic and quicker" fashion with an IKAN Bowler. Plus, he wanted to learn quickly and start using his IKAN in a league right away.

To make a long story shorter, Steve received his IKAN Bowler on Friday, February 8th, and started practicing that weekend (and some during the week also). The following weekend, on Sunday, February 17th, he went out and bowled a FANTASTIC 598 series -- 205, 211, and 182 -- just nine days after receiving his IKAN Bowler! In doing so, he became just the 7th IKAN user to join the "200 Club" (the other six are listed and linked in the write-up about the 6th member here).

That's not a normal timeframe for breaking 200. But Steve already had a ball he knew well and had learned to bowl well with a stationary ramp. So, mostly, he had to learn how to bowl with the "ramp" attached to his chair, and how to physically approach the foul line and release the ball using the movement of his chair. Given Steve's highly impressive series, I would say he has things figured out pretty well!

Wow -- I almost forgot to mention that Steve has cerebral palsy and he set the dynamic wheelchair bowling record for a male with CP! I don't mean to make light of his record-setting feat; I was just wrapped up in how quickly he broke 200 -- and that he did it twice -- in consecutive games!

Here's Steve's scoresheet, and he describes his performance below...

Here's text of the email Steve wrote me (posted with permission):

Hi Bill,

Went bowling last night and I THINK I'm finally getting the hang of the IKAN. Last Thursday I had my wheelchair service guy lower my turning sensitivity in drive 1 so that my moves wouldn't be so abrupt when I approach the line. That helped a lot, but I was still struggling on where to line up. Saturday night my ball...which is a 16 lb MoRich DestroyR...was hooking very well. I was lining up with the first arrow in from the left and I bowled a 142, 144, and a 152. I was feeling pretty good about the scores, but I knew I could do better.

I went back last night and as you can see by the first few scores, I was struggling and was just too stubborn to move. Then I decided to try moving to the second arrow in and the ball was just crushing the pins. I couldn't believe how it was curling into the pocket and just clearing everything out. I also have a second ball that hooks back to the left, and I use for pins like the 4 and 7, but I left it in the locker because I was determined to make one ball work for me. That was a huge mistake because I missed a few spares that I'm confident I would have picked up. This cost me my first 600 series as I wound up with a 598.

At any rate...I have cerebral palsy and the bottom three scores should qualify me for the new record. Both individuals that signed the score sheet were not only present, they also saw the scores on my lane screen and were very impressed as well. Needless to say...I'm looking forward to bowling in league tonight. Word travels fast here, so I hope I don't flop tonight.

Thanks again for all of your assistance. This unit has changed my life. I love my IKAN!

Steve Kettenhoven
Clintonville, Wisconsin

Here's video of Steve bowling a strike during practice:

Direct video link:

And just FYI, it took me a while to post this record score, and in the meantime, Steve emailed me again to say he had another 200+ game, a 203.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for sharing Steve! Keep it up!

For the previous record for a male with CP, click HERE.

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