Timo Toivonen's 269 Sets MD and Overall World Record!

The game was bowled on 8/29/2019 and posted here on 12/17/2019

Wheelchair User with Muscular Dystrophy Sets Overall World Record with a 269!

Timo Toivonen has done it again! He rolled and bowled a spectacular 269, breaking his previous world record for wheelchair bowlers with muscular dystrophy (257) which was also the overall world record. The 269 helped him reach the finals of the Erkin Erikoinen Open, a tournament in which he finished in 6th place overall competing against 51 able-bodied bowlers in his native Finland.

Since it occurred in the middle of a tournament, they only got a quick picture of the score:


Click HERE for a PDF file of the results of the tournament.

Timo bowls using a "homemade" dynamic bowling ramp which is officially approved by the Finnish Bowling Association. Here is a Youtube video of him bowling during his 257 game:

Here's the direct link to the video:

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My write-ups for Timo's previous records have additional information, including a good picture of him, and how he drives his wheelchair (click HERE for his 257 write-up and HERE for his 227).

So this time I did a little Q&A

Bill: Please introduce yourself. Besides bowling, I know you are really good with computers. You surely don't let your disability define who you are, but can you share some about it, and any other bio-type info you would like people to know about Timo Toivonen?

Timo: I'm a 31-year-old single guy (ladies ;-) ) from a small town called Kiuruvesi here in Finland. I'm an IT-specialist at the local high school and I've been working there for 11 years. In my freetime I sing, draw and play pc-games. I also test better ways to play for the disabled (I have spinal muscular atrophy, a form of muscular dystrophy). I'm a laid back rock guy, and although I can move my right hand only and speak, I enjoy life.

Bill: How many years have you been bowling, and how often do you bowl?

Timo: I've been bowling since 2013. I go with one real practice-session + 5 simulator sessions and 2 game sessions per week:-) I guess I could call myself a semi-pro bowler nowadays.

Bill: bowling with your custom attached ramp, where the ball is above your head, what kind of ball speed do you get?

Timo: I get speeds around 7-9 mph. The more important factor than speed is entry angle and energy saving potential of the ball. If the ball has turned the core upwards too soon, you can only expect something to spare.

Bill: What do you think about bowling being added to the Paralympics? I'm not sure it's completely official yet, but I have heard major progress has been made toward it becoming so.

Timo: I think it's a great deal. Bowling is the only real sport where para-athletes can compete against anyone else and be just as good. I mean, if you take a look at [the above PDF file for] the tournament results, if you didn't know about my disability, you couldn't tell it from the results.

Bill: How does it feel to have increased your overall world record in dynamic wheelchair bowling?

Timo: Of course it feels phenomenal. It tells me that the magic 300 is coming soon. Maybe someday I'm the Jason Belmonte or Ronnie O'Sullivan of dynamic wheelchair bowling. :-)

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Thanks for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS TIMO! :-)

Again, to see the previous world record, click HERE.
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