New Record for Males Driving by Head Array Control

Game bowled on: 3/11/2018; Posted here: 3/31/2018

Mike Murach's 203 Is the New Record for Males Driving by Head Array Control

Despite starting the game with a split and open frame, my friend Mike Murach bowled his way to a 203, becoming the 13th dynamic wheelchair bowler to join the 200 Club (to our knowledge; this LINK describes the first 11, and Alex Cossey is the 12th member).
And, yes, Mike's 203 is the new world record for a male wheelchair user driving by head array control.
Personally, as a bowler, I really dislike starting a game with an open frame, i.e. not a spare or a strike, and I love that Mike overcame the initial open frame to still break 200. Also, in his seventh frame, he managed to convert a split for a spare where he said the two pins were side-by-side (which means you have to pretty much split the middle between them if you want to pick it up).

Mike was really on a roll (pun slightly intended) as he kept the quality bowling going through all three of his games on March 11, 2018. Out of all three games, he "only" missed two spares that were not splits, which means he converted a really high percentage of the "makeable" spares. Not only that, but his three-game series was 557, which is an average of 185.67 real quality bowling!

Here is his scoresheet:
Scoresheet Showing Mike Murach's Record

For some background info about Mike, including his current profession as well as his athletic background, please see the writeup about his (then) record 180 game HERE.

For the previous record held by Kenny Salvini, a 193, click HERE.

Welcome to the 200 Club Mike and congratulations on regaining the record! :-)
Bill Miller :-)
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