New Record for Males Driving by Head Array Control

UPDATE: this was the record for males driving by head array; click HERE for the new record!

Game bowled on: 11/27/2017; Posted here: 11/29/2017

Kenny Salvini's 193 Is the New Record for Males Driving by Head Array Control

My friend Kenny Salvini is an interesting guy, and an excellent writer with a terrific blog.

He is also the new world record holder for head-controlled wheelchair bowlers with a 193!

Kenny sent me the signed scoresheet, but video of the last shot, and a picture of the display are even better.

You can see both at this link, which should be accessible even if you do not have a Facebook account:

Years ago, when we began developing a way for even high-level quadriplegics like Kenny (and me) to bowl, the idea was that we wanted to get wheelchair users (back) in the game of life. Therapeutic recreation experts say that when wheelchair users have a positive outlet like bowling, it can promote positive change in other areas of the person's life.

Just because we use wheelchairs due to injury or some type of medical condition, does not mean we sit around all day (literally) waiting for scientists and the medical community to develop cures to get us out of our wheelchairs. Of course, that would be great, but we are here… and we need to live in the now. That's why Kenny created a nonprofit organization called The Here and Now Project.

I mean, it's fantastic that so many doctors and scientists are working to make the need for wheelchairs obsolete, but we are here, now, and we need to "do life" as Kenny says.

I could not agree more. That mindset is also what led to the development of the IKAN Bowler®.

So it is fitting that Kenny has now become one of the record holders in the various categories of wheelchair users bowling dynamic style with an IKAN Bowler®.

CONGRATULATIONS KENNY! Keep up the good work brother!

For the previous record by Mike Murach, click HERE.
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