New Record for Males Driving by Joystick

Game bowled on: 3/8/2018; Posted here: 5/20/2018

Curt Wolff's 253 Is the New Record for Male Wheelchair Users Driving by Joystick

It's about time (smile).

I write that because Curt Wolff has been one of the best and most passionate bowlers on the planet, both before his need for a wheelchair when he had roughly a 220 average, and especially after contracting the West Nile virus which resulted in him functioning much like a C4-5 quadriplegic. A little over two years ago, I wrote a blog about an incredible three-game 641 series that Curt bowled, in which he had a spare or strike in all 30 frames, and also three consecutive games over 200.

So it's about time that he finally eclipsed the previous bowling record for male wheelchair users driving by joystick control held by Jon Musgrave. It's also "about time" that I got his record score posted (it's a long story, but he bowled the game over two months ago).

Without further ado, here is the record game:
Scoresheet Showing Curt Wolff's Record

One of the neat things about Curt's 253 game, is his son Ben caddied for him – and also bowled a 253 in the same game. They bowl together on a league with three friends forming the Denver Beer Company bowling team. Ben is the third from the left in the back, and Curt is in the front:
Curt Wolff's bowling team

Some people who are really into a sport have excellent recall of particular games, and moments.

When I recently asked Curt for some context on his record game, this is what he wrote:

Hey Bill, great to hear from you.

Wow, yes, 253. March 8th 2018 and it should have been more.

I had been hitting the pocket pretty consistently although not carrying many strikes. In the last frame of the first game I made a small lane adjustment moving one board in (left) on the approach and my target on the lane one board left as well. It was just a little tighter line but the ball still held the pocket. Bingo, I was a high flush in the pocket with ten back in the pit.

I started the next game with the first four in a row, All identical, high flush, 10 back. In the 5th my shot drifted one board wide leaving a solid 10 pin. The 6th , 7th , and 8th were like the first 4, ten in the pit.

Then, the ninth frame, I pulled the ball by one board inside my mark and the ball crossed over. Luckily just enough for yet another strike.

The math was easy and I knew I had a chance for the record. I didn’t want the ball to go high or cross-over so I made sure to get the ball out to at least my mark or maybe a board wide to avoid a split or difficult spare figuring like the 5th maybe just a 10 pin or a strike. I got the ball out where I wanted however, instead of hooking back, my ball simply skid down the lane an extra foot leaving me the difficult 2,4,5,7 spare. I made the spare but now instead of the potential 279 I was down to a 255 high potential. 8 on the last ball 253.

Never thought that adjustment would leave a count lower than an 8 count thus, leaving me the potential to still tie the 257 record with a strike.

Too much thinking again. Next time I’ll remember “just get the strike”.


From Curt's writing, it's pretty clear HE IS A BOWLER!

And now he is a world record holder too.

Congratulations Curt! :-)

For the previous record held by Jon Musgrave, a 243, click HERE.
Bill Miller :-)
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